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About Universal PBM

Universal Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) is an international patient-centric claims processing solution with an impressive track record. With its US patented rules engine, it is ideally suited to manage the escalating costs in prescription drug expenditure internationally. read more

Universal PBM Services

The Universal PBM is a highly effective, independent system that provides a fully integrated, patient-centric solution to healthcare service providers, placing cost-effective care ahead of commercial gain. read more

When time and accuracy is of the essence

Universal PBM has a well-established, highly respected track record of providing the fastest, most robust and effective online real-time adjudication capability in the marketplace. read more

The benefits of Universal PBM

PBM models are under pressure worldwide to change from a profit-driven decision making focus to a patient-centric approach, which is dedicated to achieving savings for clients. read more

A solution ahead of its time

Universal PBM has been a critical part of the healthcare value chain for decades. We pioneered online real-time claims adjudication in the SA healthcare market and remained a leader in online real-time medicine claims adjudication using US patented technology. read more

Save with Universal PBM

With the aid of Universal PBM significant cost savings are achieved through the application of innovative benefit designs, formulary management, read more

Driving healthcare innovation with Universal PBM

The Universal PBM’s flexible patented rules engine enables health plans to manage and innovate multiple benefit designs, formularies, pricing, reference pricing and pharmacy networks, while ensuring full patient compliance. read more