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Universal Care Services

Combining excellence in care management with state-of-the-art business intelligence.

About Universal CareUniversal Care delivers a new brand of personalised care management, focusing on the individual member’s healthcare needs, backed up by international standards and evidence-based medicine. While subscribing to best practice principles, Universal Care ensures that members gain access to quality and appropriate care, at the most affordable cost.

The Universal Care Guidelines include protocols developed locally by our team of medical advisors, pharmacists and case managers, as well as international protocols acquired from world leading organisations in healthcare management and actuarial services.

Universal Care offers the following care management services:

  • pre-authorisation of hospital admissions,
  • hospital services utilisation management,
  • case management and site visits,
  • acuity level management,
  • discharge planning,
  • hospital account audit,
  • disease management programmes for common chronic diseases,
  • HIV/AIDS programme,
  • pathology services management,
  • oncology management,
  • medicine management,
  • dental benefit management,
  • designated provider networks and,
  • capitation networks.

With over twenty years of experience, Universal Care has developed skills to provide the various services to its customers in an effective and integrated manner so that the benefit to the customer is maximised.

The Universal Care approach is enhanced by its strategy to build partnerships with healthcare providers, which has enabled medical schemes contracted to the company to offer low-cost capitation-based options as part of their benefit plans, and to benefit from preferred provider relationships which create savings for members.

Universal Care also facilitates negotiations on innovative alternative reimbursement models with selected hospital groups and centres of excellence, resulting in cost containment and reduced member contributions, whilst maintaining a high quality of care.